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Magickast! The Patasola… Legend in Antioquia?

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Magickast! The patasola… In Antioquia?

Hi! This is your Magickast, where we’re going to talk about magical experiences and oddities from our own guts. Today, we’ll move forward with the legend for the one-legged woman known as Patasola.

The Patasola legend… Why there?!

As it is a violent story, the popular tradition picks up the apparitions of the Patasola as a fright in the form of a beautiful woman who seeks to seduce young boys and men to take over their spirits, and that generally the only thing that covers her is her long hair down to her buttocks.

But here at my side, I have my husband Dagdael telling me a different story about her. Go ahead and listen to it! If you’re able to donate to keep going forward, you can do it here.

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