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Ho’oponopono: Healing forgiveness

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In this insane country, with the national reality that we live in, maybe you’ve heard or read a million times, or you’ve seen tons of images that say that forgiveness is the only way of bringing peace to your soul, that you must forgive for your own sake and not for anyone else’s, that “forgiveness is the good people’s revenge” (that sounded rough, didn’t it?), etc, etc, etc… But, how do you pour out the pain and release past tensions from your soul?

In my flesh: I don’t feel comfortable with getting a confession from a priest, that’s crystal clear. If going to a church or temple and talk to a priest / pastor / consecrated person in the name of someone bigger (let’s talk about God) works fine, good for you! I had my childhood times when I felt it was pretty good for me, until life itself required me to look straight in the eye of my offending (or offended) neighbor without crying… And I couldn’t.

Once I became 28, after a lot of pain was charged on my body and soul, my Reiki sensei spoke about a forgiveness technique which he didn’t give too much importance to, so I started practicing any time of the day, every single time I was reminded of any tense situation.

The technique is called ho’oponopono. It became really popular in the holistic therapeutic circles, so now, it’s time to clarify things for you.

How Ho’oponopono works

First, life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. As anyone on this world, we are apprentices. As apprentices, we make “mistakes”, meaning that we put ourselves into hardship due to unconscious mental programming or we don’t accomplish the expectations put on our shoulders from our path companions (for instance: family, couple, bosses, subordinates…).

Keeping this in mind, ho’oponopono changes our perspective and set us as the co-creator role and responsibility. We aren’t separated from the whole of humanity, not even living isolated on an island. We are social beings, so on a daily basis, we expose ourselves as we’ve been taught, as well as we’ve been adapted by the system.

And, as people like us, we’re going to find people that don’t like us. Ho’oponopono puts the world in front of us as a mirror. I give what I have. I give who I am. What I get in return, it’s an image of what’s working or failing in my own mindset.

For example: If you’re awful with yourself or a ruthless rebel, I bet that you may have had a family that demanded you to be the most cautious little person in the world. If you are extremely permissive, life is going to put up a hard time on you to see how long you are willing to hold on, just because you’re attached to a debt… And so on.

The forgiveness technique

Vivi Cervera, blessed be, was one of the huge references for Ho’oponopono throughout the continent, Hispanic America. Ho’oponopono comes from Hawaii and it’s pretty simple, as repeating trigger words. As you are able to meditate or make your daily prayers, you can include ho’oponopono as well.

Keep this 4 sentences in mind:

  • I’m Sorry.
  • Forgive Me.
  • Thanks.
  • I Love You.

When you repeat the sentences, you’re speaking to your inner mindset. Your parents gave you what they felt and thought it was right for you; now the responsibility for your transformation process and life decisions is set entirely on you, 100%. With ho’oponopono, you assume full control, without blaming anyone nor blaming yourself in the process.

Each one of the sentences has an essential meaning:

  • I’m sorry… For the painful memories that we created together.
  • Forgive me… For the wounds that we opened up in the process.
  • Thank you… For your presence in my path.
  • I Love You… Because you’re a Light being, learning as I do.

When you repeat the same 4 sentences by 3, everytime you remind yourself about the specific hardship, you’ll release the karmic charge generated by it, until you’re able to take a look at it without crying nor feeling resentful.

Important: Forgiving doesn’t mean that you reconcile with the person that you closed the cycle with. Forgiveness means that you accept that the cycle is over and you can move forward with your life.

When you schedule a Reiki therapy with me, I apply Ho’oponopono to intensify the effect. So, despite the distance, you feel that I am there with you.

I hope that you enjoyed this new way to look at things. Namaste!

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