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Enso: Simple harmony

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Enso: Simple Harmony

Namaste! We want to tell you about our name origin, since we have been asked a lot about it in our social media.

Where does the Enso come from?

The Enso is a circular symbol of Zen Buddhism that is made with a single stroke. It reminds us that we come from nothingness and that to nothingness we will return; it is like a bottle that does not have a lid (if you look closely, the circle does not have a definite closure).

The keys to understanding Zen are simplicity, purity and dwelling in an eternal present. In Zen, what is, what is and what is done is the only thing that counts.

Keeping this in mind, what differentiates Zen from other Buddhism currents is the absence of explanations about past lives and rebirth, for example.

Unlike the image of Tibetan Buddhism, which has many varieties of enlightened beings, Zen presents us with a way of life that anyone can adopt to make their existence kinder.

The focus of Zen is on breathing and concentration to bring attention to the present, so that cleaning the house, cooking, or cuddling your family and/or pet become meditation.

How to use the Enso?

I must admit that I am not one to take calligraphy brush and paper to paint an Enso; however, when monks totally dedicated to the art of living in separate communities decide to draw it, they must do so in one stroke to show themselves that they are centered enough to continue on the path they have taken.

In my personal experience, what I do is to take a printed image of the symbol and look at it while meditating. That awareness of emptiness frees the mind and opens it to other ways of thinking, something I find really valuable in order to create content for you.

Enso is dynamic energy that contains everything and nothingness at the same time. It sounds difficult to describe, but in the experience, as you visualize the stroke emerging from one point and ending at another, you perceive that cycles that begin also need closure.

As in life.

As in the universe.

Life begins and never ends, as long as we are aware that permanence is an illusion.

(Did I mention that I love Buddhism but it doesn’t make me a 100% Buddhist? Well, I owe you a longer explanation, hehehe).

For now, we just want to give you gratitude from the heart of the work team. Tell us in the comments what topics you want to see reflected in this blog and in our YouTube channel, we are here to investigate and give you the spiritual culture you want. See you next time!

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