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A life of your own?

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Vida propia / Own life
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Recently, in social media, I read as a great insult, that if someone’s hobby was to encourage entrepreneurship so that they would stop looking for a job every time they got fed up with their bosses, it was because that guy didn’t have a life of his own.

«That guy» turns out to be a fairly successful and very resourceful entrepreneur, who long ago stopped depending on a boss and a fixed salary. What, then, defines an employee saying that someone doesn’t have a life of their own because they don’t work the same amount of hours and make less money than the entrepreneur?

Certainly, my paternal grandma always said that nothing has ever been written about assholes, and she was absolutely right. Are we here to waste ourselves?

What does a life of your own depend on?

  1. Freedom of expression: Not only of speech and action, but also of dress. To be able to do and say whatever comes to your mind without restricting the freedom of others, wearing what makes you comfortable and works for you is pretty awesome.
  2. Freedom of time: How many times do we hide behind «I have a lot of work to do and I can’t attend to you» to hide from someone? Or worse: «I just don’t have time»? That work, that family, that one thing, that the other… Better learn to say NO and that’s it, without so much sorrow as Alejandro Fernandez sings. Whoever has his own life has time for what he wants to get out of it.
  3. Financial freedom: What a shame to have to say it (and… at the same time, no, this is what we are aiming for in this life), the matter of being where you want to be doing what you want requires financing, money, big bucks, whatever you want to call it. Yes, just as you read it. And if you are one of those brilliant minds that is currently slaving away at a desk from 8 to 5 and even working overtime in the name of a company that is not yours, I recommend that you start shortening the overtime and start thinking of some way to generate additional income for you and not for your boss (just remember that you don’t necessarily have to put money for that from the beginning…).
  4. Freedom of territory: Having a separate space from your parents will also give you a life of your own. You’re going to be able to come in at whatever time you feel like, doing things your way, having a little pet, arriving with whomever you please… and as always, there’s a point: as the good Spidey said at the end of his first movie, with great power comes great responsibility. So that mommy parrot is going to become an internal speech for you… And it will make you grow up and be something you can feel so good about later!
  5. Freedom of conscience: Feeling what suits you, being comfortable with what you set your mind to and getting what you deserve in accordance with what you felt and thought is obviously another of the wonders of having a life of your own. You own yourself. And that makes you the person responsible for your entire universe. You will know what you say to yourself and what you believe in….

These parameters above were the ones that pushed me to propose this venture to my family. And for you who read me here, who watch me on our YouTube channel and who buy from us in our store various little crafts, I can thank you for this life of our own that we are building together.

I’ll stay tuned for your comments (and something else), see you next time! Namaste!

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